In 2011, Longsys Electronics launched FORESEE product lines, deeply rooted in the industry storage market serving hundreds of customers.  Currently, it has five product lines:  SSD Storage (SATA/PCle), Memory Module (SO-DIMM/U-DIMM/ECC-DIMM), Embedded Memory (eMMc/eMCP/UFS/LPDDR), Micro Storage (SLC NAND/NAND MCP/NOR) e Automotive Storage.

Since its creation, FORESEE has continued to focus on technology research and development, adhering to quality and customer service, providing high-performance, reliable storage products and solutions to meet the needs of consumer, industrial and automotive market, customization and other application fields of various complex scenarios. FORESEE continues to deepen the breadth and depth of the storage industry, invest innovation products and future development.


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