The identity of GSR Technology Italy

GSR Technology Italy was founded in 2010 in Lissone, in the province of Monza, by a team of determined, creative individuals, motivated by a shared spirit of enterprise and initiative.

Over the years, GSR Technology Italy has forged a strong rapport with its customers, offering high-tech products that have been designed and manufactured through the implementation of the latest technologies available in the LCD, touch, single board computer, wireless solution, ODM and much more. Today, thanks to a targeted human resources strategy and partnerships with the most important suppliers, the company is able to interpret its customer needs and develop tailor-made solutions in a short space of time.

But the GSR Technology Italy mission is not limited to product development: the company's professionalism and experience are placed at our customers' disposal during the after sales phases, when we provide technical support and hardware/software integration services. In response to the current sensitivity in terms of respect for the environment, the company has established commercial relationships with suppliers who are able to demonstrate quality and  sustainability of their manufacturing processes and the traceability of the materials they use.

Our philosophy

The GSR Technology Italy philosophy is based on a perfect symbiosis between teamwork and an in-depth understanding of the customer's needs. And it is precisely thanks to this symbiosis that GSR Technology Italy products represent a win-win situation for both customers and suppliers. Profit is not everything: GSR Technology Italy's main aim is to attain the highest possible quality, achieving balance and harmony among all the parties involved in the production process.


Entering into a partnership with GSR Technology Italy means gaining access to a series of exclusive advantages. These include carefully selected suppliers, competitive prices and products designed to create integrated systems. Thanks to in-depth knowledge of the reference market and a focus on the latest trends in technology, since it was established, GSR Technology Italy has developed a structure capable of providing its customers with a competitive, flexible service, and accompanying them throughout the product selection, purchase and after-sales phases.


GSR Technology Italy was founded in Lissone, in the province of Monza, in 2010, and rapidly acquired a reputation as a point of reference for the LCD displays and integrated system solutions development and sales sector.


Technological expansion

Shortly after is foundation, GSR Technology Italy began to expand its range of LCD, OLED, E-INK and MONO products to include touch screen, wireless, memory and PC card solutions, and last, but not least, system solutions.


Computing division

In 2013, GSR Technology Italy opened its computing division, with the aim of providing its customers with the tools necessary to develop integrated solutions for COM, SOM and SBC modules.



After seven years in the sector, GSR Technology Italy has developed the skills, know-how and experience to provide complete solutions capable of being integrated perfectly with its customers' products.

The advantages of choosing GSR Technology Italy as a partner

The presence of a stable team with a well-defined vision is the key to GSR Technology Italy's success.

Thanks to a continuous desire for improvement in the response to the developing trends and needs of the digital market, over the last few years GSR Technology Italy has established itself as an extremely reliable business partner. The advantages of choosing GSR Technology Italy as a partner are closely linked to the company's philosophy, from the careful choice of its suppliers to its competitive prices, via an in-depth knowledge of the reference market.

In fact, the GSR Technology Italy team makes every effort to remain up to date with developments in the sector in order to offer "bridge products" that are aimed not only at the electronics market, but also other at other sectors, such as the automotive, medical and even the defence industries. Naturally, all these factors are inextricably linked with continuous attention to the needs of the customer and the provision of pre- and post-sales service and consulting solutions. In the same way, the company's electronic components are highly customer oriented and their flexible structure means that they can be adapted to a wide range of customization requests and enhancements of the standard solutions.

Choose GSR Technology Italy for your integrated system

An integrated system, also known as an Embedded Solution, is an electronic system that includes both hardware and software components.

GSR Technology Italy adopts a rigorous selection procedure when choosing suppliers for its high quality, high technology projects.

Thus, the company's offer represents a win-win situation, that is to say a business relationship where the onus is on the benefits to both the suppliers and the customers, rather than corporate profit. The GSR Technology Italy commercial experience is completed by its consultancy service, which connects suppliers with customers throughout the product design and manufacturing processes, culminating in the introduction of the product into everyday use.

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