Total integration

Today, in symbiosis with its suppliers, GSR Technology Italy's team of skilled, experienced engineers are able to provide total hardware and software integration solutions; thanks to our national and international infrastructures we are able to satisfy and propose ad-hoc solutions on the behalf of our customers.

GSR Technology Italy's role to devise technical solutions that are designed to guarantee the success of our customers' products, through the coordination and efforts of highly skilled hardware and software specialists. One of our main objectives is to provide our customers with a dedicated, efficient technical support service, starting from our customers' initial ideas, right through to the production stage.

What we can offer:

  • We are capable of developing even the most highly complex and advanced Embedded Display solutions, in partnership with out Suppliers and Customers.

    Embedded computing:

    • High performance X86 processors for calculations on complex data
    • Low power ARM solutions to reduce overall operating costs
    • Solutions that are easily integrated with other types of automation equipment and other systems
    • We offer systems with high image processing capabilities for a wide variety of industrial cameras
    • Solutions that guarantee stable, reliable operation 24/7 in order to provide the best possible level of data transfer and management in real time
    • Solutions for environments with unusual and demanding ambient conditions
    • Remote Management System
    • Solutions with large numbers of I/O connections for managing sensors and external devices
    • Support for Linux and Microsoft operating systems

    Modular design for ease of in-field servicing

    • Edge-edge design display solutions
    • Modular design for ease of in-field servicing
    • Aluminium and/or plastic display frame
    • Screen sizes ranging from 1.44" up to 98"
    • HMI with integrated touch solutions featuring all available technologies and multi-touch function
    • IP65 front protection against dust and water, anti-corrosion, anti-reflection and more
    • Available with special glass, including UV filters for protecting our HMI devices
    • ODM Solutions
  • Consultancy services and activities designed to identify problems and/or minimize potential issues with the aim of resolving them as rapidly as possible.
  • RMA management: our on-site laboratory, which is well equipped with diagnostic tools and test equipment, allows us to reduce intervention times, as well as providing our Suppliers with assistance when creating 8D reports.
  • Retrofitting obsolete products with more advanced systems with the aim of minimising the necessary approval procedures
  • Supply of Spare Parts for End-Users including industrial PCs suitable for use in the workshop.

At GSR Technology Italy our main objective is to provide our customers with a complete service by implementing a cycle of interaction that begins with the customer's initial idea, covers the entire production phase and includes a punctual, efficient technical assistance service, thanks also to our highly qualified and specialised sales and technical network that guarantees a rapid response anywhere in Italy.

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