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Creativity, genius, competence and innovation represent the key concepts necessary when generating the added value required to promote Computing products for OEM & ODM customers.

Our experienced team, which brings a pro-active approach to everything it does, likes nothing better than working on stimulating projects, constantly striving to offer the latest technologies and contribute to the innovation of our customer's products through its own innovative proposals.

GSR Technology Italy is a reliable partner offering a complete service, from the feasibility study, right through the design process to the production stage, as well as after sales service.

Our main products are: Computer-on-Modules, Embedded IoT Solutions, SBC, RISC computing platforms, Embedded BOX PCs, Digital Players and Panel PCs, as well as providing our customers with support when developing the Carrier Boards for the modules supplied by GSR Technology Italy.

Panel PC

Panel PC

These interface devices are defined as HMI (Human Machine Interface) and are designed to satisfy the increasingly complex processes involved in the Industry 4.0 sector.

HMI applications require excellent mechanical strength, resistance to liquids, including corrosive liquids, dust, humidity, and a wide operating temperature range, guaranteeing precise and safe communication in such hostile environments.


Computer on Modules

COMe (COM Express Basic) are equipped with the latest Intel processors. They are capable of providing not only high-speed interfaces such as HDMI / DisplayPort, PCI Express, SATA and USB 3.0 for the transporting volumes of data, but also LVDS, PCI and IDE.



SOMs are embedded systems which combine a microprocessor, flash and RAM as well as power supply on a compact printed circuit board.

We are offering Android and Linux platform solution customization, porting service, cycle maintenance and Content Management System that will give you the ability to deploy and mount advertising through your device.

Technical data


Embedded, low power, ARM and X86 technology-based architecture, designed for use in scalable constructions with very low consumption ratings and highly demanding industrial environments.



This is a next-generation ultra-compact format that is capable of handling both low and high-power processors with RISC and X86 processors, and integrated memory and storage. The Qseven module transfers all the main signals from the module to the carrier board.



Single Board Computers, including Mini-ITX, Thin Mini-ITX, Micro ATX, ITX, 3.5" cards and Pico ITX are ideal for all those customers who wish to implement ready-to-use industrial products in potentially expandable applications, without the need to develop a carrier.


RISC platform

These products are generally referred to as ARM-based computer-on-modules and are available in various formats.
We provide BSPs to help customers develop their platforms.


Digital Player

These systems can be connected to multiple monitors, such as information screens in airports, railway stations etc., or for advertising in public places.


Panel PC

These devices must be user-friendly, intuitive and flexible interfaces that combine good looks, versatility and fast interactivity. The monitors are available in 16: 9 and 4: 3 formats and ranging in size from 5.7" to 65". The multi-touch functions enhance the intuitive nature of the user interface, and a wide variety of touch solutions are available.

Industrial Panel PCs are ready-to-run systems that guarantee HW/SW compatibility and meet the most stringent industrial requirements in terms of resistance to shock, vibration and low and high temperatures.


IoT solutions

Gateway products and Cloud services are available.

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