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We provide memory modules that offer a high degree of compatibility with numerous designs and operating systems.

Reliability is the key to the products offered by GSR Technology Italy for applications in the industrial world and for daily use in recording, storing and sharing data, where product quality is fundamentally important.

Our offering includes products with "Data Protection Technology", "SSD monitoring", "Pre-Load Service", Prevent data Loss Technology, "Waterproof and Dust proof technology", "Gold Plating" and much more.

All our industrial solutions have passed severe environmental tests, including temperature, humidity, vibration and shock tests; this is done to ensure the most reliable quality and life span of products in mass production. Together with our partners, we can offer fast and flexible delivery services with quality that you can rely on.

Our Partners boast cutting-edge technology and a highly innovative approach to software, hardware and firmware development. Commercially available storage solutions are becoming increasingly more secure, powerful and innovative.

Through the collaboration with one of our main Partners we can count on the support of a CAN module that has been designed for vehicle applications, where a high-speed interface and real-time control with a high level of security is required. This board is ideal for embedded data acquisition systems and is especially useful for fleet management and telematics applications.

In additional to the Industrial sector, we also supply a wide range of products for the Consumer market.


Main products

  • M.2 SSD
  • Slim SSD
  • Half Slim SSD
  • 7-Pin SATA Module
  • Industrial SD
  • Micro SD
  • Industrial USB Drive
  • USB Disk Module
  • ATA Disk Module
  • DOM
  • CFast
  • Industrial CF
  • DRAM Modules
  • eMMC ICs

Main applications

  • Cloud Computing
  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Embedded & IPC
  • Transportation
  • Gaming, Security

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