GSR Technology Italy offers several products of "Power Supply" category, below a list of the types of products available:

  • UPS
  • Power System for EV
  • Telecom Application
  • CoC v5 tier2 Power Supply
  • DoE Level VI Products
  • High Altitude Products
  • Battery charger
  • Medical & Home Healthcare Power Supply
  • Waterproof Power Supply
  • Consumer Market Power Supply
  • General Power Supply
  • Industrial Power Supply (-20degC)
  • Extreme Operating temp. (-40degC)
  • DC / DC Converter
  • LED Power Supply
  • Adapter
  • Tooling Driver
  • Accessories  (AC Inlet Plug, AC Cord)

O.E.M. Service

If you have any requests for OEM projects, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, GSR Technology Italy is able to offer you the product you are looking for, allowing you to save your time and offer a high quality product in a very short time.

GSR Technology Italy is pleased to collaborate with you in the realization of your project so that our cooperation can meet all your needs and allow you to reach your goal.

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