Market is constantly changing and GSR Technology Italy, an independent company since November 29, 2017, has decided to adapt to the new aesthetic and communicative references of its brand to remain competitive.

GSR Technology Italy is extremely proud to inform you that the Company has reached that special moment of its corporate life, where it has been decided to start the rebranding process that will lead to a total renewal of its brand identity.

In the last 5 years, the whole GSR Technology Italy Team has been the protagonist of the new mission of the Company, participating in its growth and evolution. This important change has led to a new identity and image that will allow the GSR Technology Italy to keep up with the times and to reach new and more ambitious targets.

The new brand will give continuity to the success achieved until today while maintaining the corporate values unchanged with special attention to the interpersonal relationships built with great attention and professionalism towards collaborators, customers and suppliers.

This is the Logo that best represents the Company brand!


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